Colours of everyday life

Hello my dear friends!

How are you today? I hope you’re in the middle of doing something nice and soul healing… 🙂

Well,I spent my morning in cleaning and tiding up my little home and now I’m feeling good and relaxed in this good smelling nest… so I want to share some photos of the colours I’m surrounded with and which make me feel calm and peaceful… 🙂





Yesterday evening I finally finished my blanket.


It was a loooooooong work and I’m such a slow crocheter…..But around eleven o’clock of  last night I made my last slip stitch…just when an episode of  Bones was ending… Let me recap the used patterns: the granny squares are from Attic24 and you can find it here, as well as the joining method (click here), while the ending pattern is from Bunny Mummy’s blog. My blanket is my interpretation of their patterns and I’ll be always thankful to them for their ideas.


These are my actual readings….


J’adore Simenon!His writing is fresh and easy,perfect for keep alive my knowledge of French language…After finishing Maigret et le clochard it will be the turn of Leonardo Sciascia’s novel… And from now onward the evening reading sessions will be very warm… 🙂

There’s another thing that makes me happy these days. My owl wreath is shown to public in a nice yarn store in Parma, Non solo lana owned by Mrs Catia,a very lovely and expert lady. To all my friends in Parma:if you have the opportunity, go and visit this colourful fairy place…



I was moved when I saw the owls with this magnificent yarny background…it is only a year that I crochet and the vision of what I’m able to create makes me feel pleased. However,I’m obliged to ask the authors of the patterns to forgive me for using their ideas in order to introduce myself to the people of Parma.Unfortunately, I’m not good in create patterns,but I’m very skilled in their realization and I have the need to express myself.These are hard moments for me and I’m trying to find a way to emerge.I always point out where I find the patterns and I always share the blogs I visit on Internet in order to spread the names of yours,great crocheters!Thank you for your understanding.




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