New ideas in the air….


After finishing my last project there is something new generating in my Italian kitchen…. (kitchen….well,I wrote my bachelor’s degree thesis in that little room; now, it is filled up with all kind of yarn,baskets and hooks,I decorated wooden frames,pots,jewel boxes in it,ah,there are, and will be forever, books of any sort and in all of the four languages I speak ….lots of things happened in that tiny part of the planet….oh,I must not forget the cooking and the baking part…)

I wish to show you the beginning of the idea that is circulating in my brain in these days… šŸ˜‰


I love my little owl and I adore the softness of the candy cornflower I made using woolen yarns….I hope that the final result will reflect the image I have in my head….

A thousands of sweet dreams!




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