Crochet news…

Hello my dear friends!

I hope you are spending a nice and peaceful evening. I have some new crochet projects done and can’t wait to show them to you! 😀 😀

Before starting my new photo gallery I want to apologise to be so slow in publishing posts. This is mainly due to my slowness in crocheting…. I don’t want only to show my creation stages, but the whole project done and that’s why I publish a post approximately every two weeks…

But let’s start now…


Isn’t it sweet,my marine crochet motif…? 😀 I’m satisfied how this little canvas turned out. The sail, the fish and the sun pattern is from here and I must say thanks to BunnyMummy,her idea is so adabtable! The sea waves and the stars are Attic24‘s patterns and you can find them here and here. I had slightly modified the teeny star pattern, in the first round I made sc’s instead of dc’s while in the second round I made sc’s and dc’s instead of dc’s and tr’s in order to obtain smaller stars which dimension fits better with the rest of the decoration.

Ok, I did it, I couldn’t resist…. I bought another great book online…


Crochet Garden was already at my home,I had to have Crochet Bouquet,too.

And I crocheted two nice columbines…


I must say that I was wrong, the pattern of the Pasque flower that I like so much is not in the book, but I found the web site from where I downloaded it…

Further on, I crocheted a nice owl…


The pattern of this nice creature is from here while the little flower is the Simply five from my last purchase…

Here they are,all my last little projects all together…


As usual,almost everything I make is going to be given as a gift and so are these sweeties. Maybe the persons who will recieve them will see this post before I have the opportunity to make the gifts but I ask them to forgive me,I simply needed to share the result of my creativity…

Finally,I’m sooooo happy to show you these photos….



My blanket!!!! Yes,all the 24 modules are done!!!! I’ll start to join them and crochet the ending in few days 😀 … I hope to finish it soon! Can’t wait!!!! … A big, big thanks to Attic24 and to her Summer Garden Granny Square! It is such an easy and beautiful pattern!

And so…. 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀

I wish you a calm night and a thousands of sweet dreams.



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