New tale…

Hello to everybody!

I hope you all have a nice, creative and busy week!

This time I have a lot of things to share with you starting from this tasty picture:

ImageI don’t like doing houseworks,but I enjoy baking cakes!!!Of all kinds!!!And I love eating them!!!! I like to bake this one in particular because the recipe was given to me by my mum and its taste reminds me on my home and on Croatia.

I suppose you remember my blanket…well,I’m happy to say that the progress is real 🙂 🙂


I crocheted 12 modules composed of 9 granny squares and I’m on a half way to end it…. HURRAY!!!! I just have to keep working…. 🙂 🙂

Here we have two more pictures with details… 🙂Image


I love these colours and I can asure you that the acrylic yarn used in this crochet project is sooooo soft and soooo warm….My Big man will love it!

We spend almost every weekend on the Apennines at my parents-in-law’s home.I love spending my time there,breathing some fresh air and going on long and regenerating walks. My mum-in-law has gorgeous geraniums on her balcony and I enjoy taking pictures of them. I just can’t stop myself, the pics are always soooooo great….



I’m pleased to show you another nice project of mine and about which I’m proud of how it turned out:


This is a flower pot I gave to my mum-in-law as Christmass present last year and I decoreted it with a traditional Croatian motif, precisely I was inspired by licitar hearts, traditional biscuits made of sweet honey dough. Once, a young girl gave a biscuit of that kind to the man she likes in  occasions like St. Valentine’s Day or a birthday and they are also used in wedding celebrations. Their love symbology is quite clear and I love love love the colours, in particular the beautiful coral red. Moreover, I love the cotton flower I put in it:


I’m sorry that the picture is so dark,but the position of the pot isn’t great and that is the best I could do.

As I said before,I love to go for walks.I take lot of pictures on our long walkings on the Apennines and they always turned out well. I love this forest…Image

I have the chance to find this little wild strawberry….


And I enjoy my dad-in-law’s vegetable garden and his potatoes….


I love these hands…


Unfortunately I don’t have a garden here in Parma, so I decided to bring some green impressions with me here in my smal flat. I discover crochet six or seven months ago and I’m still thanking god for that great gift! Thanks to it, I made this:


This is my little crochet hook keeper which cover is made by using a pattern found in a book given to me by my mum-in-low. The ending is an adaptation of Attic24’s one which pattern you can find here.

Monday morning a book of magic was delivered to me…


Suzann Thompson, the author of that amazing book,had just done a great job. Her patterns are so clear and so easy and the flower turned out exactly as described. Here I post a pic of some sample flowers of mine:


I have to thank Attic24 for introducing me to that book of marvels!!! I would never imagine that I would find that book in the virtual bookstore I used once to order my university books. But it was there and in original language too and I’m so happy to have it at my home.

Here we have some more details…




But, to be honest, my first and the greatest love is still this…..


ImageI have a degree in foreign langauges and relative literatures, perecisely English and French,and I love words and everything related to them. I love reading, descovering the meaning hided  by the obvious and I really miss my work as a translator. I suggest you to read Vanessa Diffenbaugh’s The Secret Language of Flowers, the simple beauty of it is healing…..I love crocheting and crafting of any kind, it is my way to face the grey aspect of life,but novels,tales,poetry,grammar,syntax…are the real me…very very very imperfect,as you can see from my texts, but that’s me.

I wish to all of you a nice and bright day.




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