Today at my Italian home

Hello to everybody!

It will be another hot day here in Parma…nine o’clock in the morning and the cicadas are already chirping. The temperature is going to reach 33°C with a high humidity level,around 40%…the best way to face this weather conditions is to stay at home and move as less as possible…I must say that I really miss my Istrian sea and the fresh bora wind to which I was used when I lived in Trieste.I wish I were on the beach splashing my feet in the cool water….

I have to thank god every single day for internet and for youtube because it was by the web videos and tutorials that I learnt to crochet, finding my way to spend time during my long lasting days as an unemployed woman and as a newly baked housewife.This activity gives to me great satisfaction, in particular if associated with other craft techniques…Unfortunately I haven’t taken a picture to the flower pot I made for my sister-in-law….I’ll ask her to take one to show you what I meant…

But I took some photos of the cushin I’ve made for my Big man and which he uses a lot…





I took a picture of two flowers of lavander which I stole in the garden of an empty house on my way to the supermarket…


I took a picture to my working desk…which is also the kitchen table…so you can imagine how many things I do on it considering the fact that my flat measures only 45 square metres…


I love the cup above…

I was chrocheting a bag for keeping my Big man’s sat-nav using Lucy’s neat ripple pattern which turned out like that:


Now,I’ll go on with the creation of my blanket, hoping secretly to finish up with it very soon…




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