Long and dark evenings….

Hi again,my dear friends!

On Sunday in the early morning the clock change occured so now,unfortunately,we have to deal with a lot of sunless hours… and which is the best way to face this unhappy condition….. ? Playing with yarn,of course!!!!

…. so…… some time ago I’ve found a nice afghan pattern on Raverly…. This is going to be my personal afghan so,since it was and still is a restful day today, I crocheted the two first squares, just to understand its dimentions and to test the yarn quality…. well, here follows the result….





….well,I’ll be in a full crochet immersion only after finishing all my Christmas to do list,but I can already tell that this is going to be a nice romantic project…. I really do like the hard contrast between the dark grey and the pink and think that my solitary evenings will be more pleasant while crocheting my new afghan! :) The one I made a year ago and wich was usually the background of my photos is with my Big man now …. :) <3

….I’ve started to knit the first of the two cup cozies for a friend of mine….


…. and I made a purchase…. today I bought the above acrylic yarn for my afghan from Katia (and ordered her the rest, something about 60 balls….. my Big man will kill me….. for sure….)  and I saw this on her stand…..


….just three balls of Red Heart’s acrylic yarn, a job lot… I do not know what I will knit with that but I’m sure that, at the right moment, an idea will come up to my mind….. I’ve already at mine a remanant of a sock yarn ball with the same shades and the socks I’ve knitted myself turned out rather good so…..

….I’ve made my evening more colourful despite the dark outside and the sore throat! Ecco!!!!




PS:almost forgotten,I’ve ordered the second and the third book of the Millenium trilogy…. in few days they will be at mine…..

Back home again….

Hello,my friends!!!

Here I am,back from Croatia with some new shots and the back side of my Big man sweater finished off :) ….. but another post will be written about it in a few days,when I’ll be able to measure it on him and check with my Mother in law if I knitted it properly….

Today I’d like to share with you …..

…. my train trip….


…. my knitting and my new bag (shamelessly stolen to my Mother….. believe,it fits me better)…..




…. the red colour of some Croatian’s sunsets …..





….and the moon….



…. I didn’t take much photos this time,maybe because I was so absorbed by knitting and the reading of the great Stieg Larsson’s novel (finished too,time to by the rest of the Millenium trilogy……) …. but those here above are some nice shots so… here we are…. :) :) :)

Last but not least, do you remember that I knitted a landing field / a tiny throw for my nephew…. well,I brought it to him,with the planes,of course,and I’m so happy that I can happily say that he liked it…. my heart melted a lot last week….





First part of a new project is finished off and blocked….


…. the crafting will take some more time because my new project foresees sewing so….. please,be patient with me…..in the meantime I’ll do some more crochet or knitting…. :)

(….yeah,yeah,filet lace crochet is contagious…..)…..




FO :: the Fox Scarf

Fox Scarf…. no,no, sorry, it’s a Rocket Scarf!!! Nooooooooooooo,it’s a Space Shuttle Scarf!!!!!This because I’ve just understood,after having had a chat with my SIL, that this will be the only way to make my nephew wear it …… So I have to say sorry to the pattern owner but the change of name in this particular case is quite necessary….. I beg you for a big and kind understanding….





I’ve found this funny pattern on Raverly while the acrylic yarn is Katia’s:) First time ever that I can say that I like an acrylic yarn at all…. it is great!Soft and comfortable to touch…It will be highly appreciate by my SIL because she will be able to wash the scarf any time needed with no fear of damaging…and I can freely say that I’ve found the raw material for a blanket to be of mine…. ;)

So,from the deep space (better the deep wood but pretend that it is deep space…..) I wave to you wishing a great evening!





Good evening,my dears!

Isn’t Eyeblink a nice name for a pattern….?well,I’m in love with all the patterns designed by Heidi Alander.They are easy to knit and turn out well and make me feel so good…. :) And I do hope that the below shawl will steal a smile to my artistic SIL…







It has some imperfections but it doesn’t matter much…. I find this shawl quite romantic and the use of this yarn, wrongly thought for my Mum at first, gives to it a fresh and casual look, fitting to a young nonconformist active woman.

Well,I would prefer to have my companion by my side but during the time he’s away for work crafting is a perfect panacea :)




FO :: Mum’s shawl

Good evening,my dear friends!

My Mum’s shawl is finished off….




I started something else for her,a colourful scarf knitted in feather and fan stitch but …. it didn’t appeal much to me so,as I mentioned in my last post, one sleepless night…. I found Nurmilintu … and fell so deeply in love… the rest of this love story is told by my photos …. this is my first lace knitting and I’m so happy that the shawl turned out so light and airy… and really do hope that my Mum will like it… :)





…..a triangular shawl for the first time ever….


There I have a big amount left of the yarn used for my Mum in law’s shawl and have found a nice pattern on Raverly during a sleepless night…. I’ll write about more as I’ll finish off the shawl but wanted to share with you this really beautiful pattern which I’ll use some more times for sure…..




Filet crochet lace edging

Hi,my dears!

I have surprised myself with a small project today, actually I crocheted the edging to another dish towel I put aside as Christmas gifts for my friends…. Surprised because I found myself being in love with a nice chart….


Eeeeeek……!!!!! FILET CROCHET LACE….. oh, no, no, I’m not sick at that point!!!!

My Mum is used to it not me!!!!NOT ME!!!

Well,as usual,I’m so wrong!!!

I have found the above chart so nice and I have decided to challenge my prejudice!!!! And here follow the photos with the result of my morning work…




(….I appreciate more and more my laundry as background for my photos….. :) )


A quick,easy and cheap crochet.You’ll need a really small amount of yarn for it, the remains of previous projects would be perfect :) At first, the lace was thought for a towel of a nice deep pastel blue shade but I made a mistake…. instead of straching and pinning the lace I decided just to iron it (yeah,yeah,you’re right, I’m so lazy….) and I streched it too much….luckily for me,the lenght of my lace fits well the towel from the photos and I prefered to lose the neat outline of the desing but obtain an item of good proportions…

So…. what do you say? Does the lace look ok even if sewed on a towel of a bright colour? Is the overall look of my project contemporary and IN or is it better to leave the filet crochet to our Mums? Hope it is not because I’ve got an idea while crocheting the above edging which I’d like to realize…..