Last two weeks….

Hello,my dear friends!

It is really high time to write a serious and long post. There was a lot of crafting in these last two weeks and I had so little time to write….well,to be honest,I wasn’t in the right mood to because I had some tough moments to deal with….nothing serious,just some every day life  annoyance….which,in spite of everything,haven’t stopped me from crafting….well,craft became  my personal cure for sadness so…. HURRAY!!!!

Where to start….well,let’s talk about sewing!I had a pillow sewing experience and spent a day learning to sew at Rossana’s home!One day my Big man called me and said that we were invited to a birthday party of a friend’s three years old son…. well,as usual….”You already know which present we are going to give them,don’t you,my dear….” Of course, I had no idea what to do !!! For my sake,I was having a downtown walk with Rossana in that moment and we stopped in a U.S. fabric store where I saw some nice pillows….Ross was so kind and offered me her help in making up my idea so I was able to create the following item….







I was very glad that our friends liked the present :) and noticed that my BM is having more and more confidence in my crafting skills….

As you know,I’m always in search of nice items to be used in my every day life and this time I’d like to show you something really sweet….



Nice and so awfully good scented hand made soaps….mmmmmmm…..there was a street market in Berceto two weeks ago….my BM and me went for a walk in village and there was a really beautiful stall appealing to me…full of hand made soaps and run by two nice ladies whose crafting business is called MARYALISA…The nicest thing was to see the two ladies liking my bag and my shawl and me liking their soaps….well,after the exchange of compliments they gave me their leaflet,which I’m jealously keeping, and I gave them my blog address….and of course,I couldn’t leave the stall with no purchase…. :) I was attracted a lot by a little wicker box because I needed a keeper for my sewing and cross stitch needles….so….





Yes…I know….I’m becoming more and more obsessed with these useless things but I can’t help myself,I like them so much indeed….. :P

Yeah,you’ve seen right,I made some progress with my table runner….




There are three more grannies crocheted but this is a project of a slow progress…well,I’m not worried much about it mainly because I understood how to work the fabric and I think that, at the end, it will turn out quite much alike the image I have in my head…I just have to let myself  guide by the fabric and the yarn and have to take my time…. :) ….

Is there any sense to write about a jeans trousers mending… well,if you have to deal with a man who always manages to rip them in the most difficult points to mend and you are unable to do it by yourself,then it has…….as usual,I have people around me who are always generous with advices….this time I have to say thanks to my Mum in law…





I know,the mend is quite ugly and very unprofessional but it seems strong which is all that matters to me at the moment…. some machine sewing, some hand sewing and a rag in the inner side…I hope my BM will still wear them for a long time… :P

And now….the last shots of to you well known garment….I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to steal a shot to my BM trying it on yesterday evening but he was already in pants when I asked him to wear it….I have to bring the sweater to my parents in law’s next weekend because I annoyed a lot my Mum in law by asking advices and help and she deserves to see the finished sweater.I’ll try to take some photos then…here are those taken up till now…












I’ll never stop telling that it is thanks to you,fellow bloggers,that I was able to do all that….my passion for crafing grew more and more by reading your great blogs.Thank you so much for being always there and share your life!




Almost there…

Hello, dear friends!

Sorry to be silent for a while but these last few days were a bit tough and I wasn’t in the mood to write even if I have never stopped  to craft…in the next days I’ll write a post about the last works while today I’d like to show you something already well known to you but….NOW THERE ARE TWO SLEEVES KNITTED ….. lol … so happy I finished the second sleeve that I decided to  baste it all by myself (the first basting was made by my Mum in law….)…. :)




Now I’m waiting my BM gets home and am going to oblige him to try it so I can proceed with the sewing and the shaping of the neck hole…. What a journey,my God….

The second project I’d like to show you,as promised, is the use of the napkin I made some time ago…. voilà….



These are not the most beautiful cookies you’ve ever seen but it doesn’t matter,they taste ok…the above basket is going to my sis in law’s home since we are invited to lunch tomorrow….well,I don’t think it will be appreciate much (typical antagonism between sisters in law…) but now you have an idea how you’ll be hosted if you’ll ever come and visit me :)





Hello again,dear friends!

It is already 5 minutes that I’m trying to write something smart and sane but today’s heat is not allowing me to do anything of that kind…. :( well,despite my writing lack I owe to many bloggers a thanksgiving post because up till now I received 6 blogging awards,a very unexpected number for me!When I started to write this blog I was looking for a place where to express myself and would never think that I would meet so many great crocheters,knitters,quilters and tailors who become my followers and whose work inspire me continuously. I have to say that I’m not a pattern creator,I’m only good in execution of someone other’s ideas.Surfing from a blog to another I enrich myself with ideas and extend my to do list….it is me who must tell you thanks for being there and for sharing your work! Without you there would be less colour and smile in my life.

A special thanks to bmary, to Craft Odyssey , to Love,Yesterdays and to Frilka for the Liebster Award and to crosstitchery and Pretty Little Things in a Box for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.


What can I say….thanks ladies!You’re so sweet and creative and your work inspire me an awfully lot!

This all is why I’d like to dedicate to you all,kind and gentle people out there, the photos I took at in my Mum’s garden one morning after a very stormy night during my stay at hers… enjoy and thank you for being always there. <3 <3 <3














A sweet loan and two more WIPs finished

Hello,my dear friends!

How are you?How did you spend your weekend?Working,crafting,on the seaside,in the mountain?In whatever way and wherever you were,I hope you had a great time!

If you had read my last post,you know that I was visiting my family in Croatia…..  and that I met my baby nephew!! <3 <3 <3 Well,there’s no need to tell you that I melted like ice… and still am melting like that because the boy is really beautiful!On the other hand, also the baby’s big brother utterly surprised me,making me cry like a baby once alone at home :) <3 <3 <3 Last time I was home I saw him watching Shaun the Sheep,one of my favourite cartoons! :D :D :D well,this time and seeing my enthusiasm for the cartoon, this four and a half years old cute little boy said me to take his DVD with six episodes of it and to bring it back the next time I’ll come to see him and his family…. what to say…. he made me happy and so glad to have such a generous nephew… <3 <3 <3



Janko Strižić is,of course, Shaun the Sheep translated in Croatian language. :)

I spent with my brother’s family almost whole Saturday and talked a lot with my nephew…well,our main topic was his big passion for huge excavators…I told him that,when I was working on a pipeline construction project in Croatia (as a secretary not as a  worker… unfortunately…) an accident with one of our escavators occured…


This image is not mine,I found it googling….while digging in a precarious position,the escavator operator hadn’t noticed that he was leaning more and more in the slope by which he was working…suddently,the escavator cruched down with the operator in its inside who,once outside, shocked and frightened, called immediately us in the offices asking for help. Luckily for him,there was another bigger escavator operating near there which was carried on the first free trailer and brought on site. Miraculously, there was no damage to the overturned vehicle and the operator wasn’t hurt….he was only shocked and cried a lot,but soon he calmed down and was on the big escavator and continued his work. So, dear Marley Ian Parry (Ian like Grandpa),this is shortly the story my dear nephew obliged me to talk about from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m that day …. <3 <3 <3

My friends,I promised to Marley Ian Parry (Ian like Grandpa) to tell this story and had to keep my word,but now,that done,I can talk about crafting…and will start with a baking episode because I bought my Mum the baking pan for my angel food cake and here it is the result of my purchase…


I think I made four of those while at my Mum’s… fast,easy and delicious…. :D :D :D

Now,crochet…. :D :D :D

First finished WIP… remember this…well,here we are… :)



It’s a sort of napking,made by a scrap of the fabric I used for my tablecloth… I’d like to use it as a decoration for a platter on which I want to put some biscuits for my sis in law…will see in less than  two weeks if the idea I have in mind will be realized…. :D

During the stay at my Mum’s I finished,at my big surprise, a shawl I was working on for a while…



Well,a shawl or a keffiyeh….the folowing photo was taken at 5:30 a.m. at my Mum’s before leaving for Italy… :)


…it is nice worn in both ways…






I often say that this is not a great moment for us because of the economic crisis but…. I have to be honest and tell you that wearing something so beautiful made by me makes me feeling better and make me, maybe stupidly, hoping in a better future…. I haven’t expected to finished it during this last trip but,suddently while trying it on ,I saw it big enough and wove in ends in the very moment when Germany signed its victory goal during the final FIFA World Cup match… :)

My friends,I have to go now because I’m especting friends for dinner.There was so many of you who wrote me such nice comments and to whom I haven’t answered yet.Just give me some few hours and I’ll be back online to write you tomorrow.

Thanking everyone of you to be always there I wish you a peaceful evening.





Another update about…



As you can see,the sleeve is knitted and the gentle creature called my mother in law helped me a lot during the last weekend both in basting my garment and in adjusting the sleeve itself.I knitted it too long and had to undone it.Thanks to God,there was she who led me in solving my mistakes.The next time I will knit the back and the front sides a bit narrower so that (….theoretically….) all the pieces fit better….My Big man tried it and the sweater fits him so well that I couldn’t be happier!!Now there’s the second sleeve to be done and the neck hole edging…. soon it will be over… :) <3 Tell me ,please,you like how it is turning out,that work of mine!I still can’t believe that this is all made by me…..

I know that this garment deserves a post all for itself but can’t help myself and have to show you a glimpse of a quick project I have to do….


….yes,just a glimpse,the rest once it will be finished….next week (I have to do a small gift) when I’ll be back from Croatia. I’m going to meet my nephew born a month ago… :)



…..I have my hands always doing something…. this time a fig jam pie…


….my BM breakfast during the days I’m away….



Would you like a piece?Maybe with a cup of tea…  <3 <3 <3

Wish you all a great day!






To Roma with love

<3 <3 <3

Café au lait _ acte second

Now we can talk about  café au lait…. I have undone my work and quilted it for the second time!And,well,the small panel looks much better now!What do you think?You were all so sweet with your comments that you touched me deeply with your kindness! <3 <3   I  hope that you’ll like my new work more!I have so much to learn but some littlle satisfactions are fortunately there sometimes….